Stats Edit

Name: Elliot Knox
Race: Human
Rank: Colonel
Serial Number: 0305110313
Specialty: Centaur Mech Pilot—Command
Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, Earth

Bio Edit

Elliot Knox never knew his biological parents. His father was never in the picture, and his mother died during childbirth. The earliest time of his life was spent being raised by his aunt and uncle. His rebellious nature—and knack for getting into scrapes with other children—ended up with the young Elliot beginning a long tenure in various military schools which led to his enrollment at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. Elliot graduated near the top of his class and enlisted with the military mere hours after the commencement ceremonies. Elliot quickly rose in rank, and was one of the first officers to transfer to the United Earth Force upon its inception.