Stats Edit

Name: Cameron “Cam” Knox
Race: Human
Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 1703131078
Specialty: Bellerophon Mech Pilot—Infantry
Birthplace: International Waters, Earth

Bio Edit

It may be said that it was in Cameron Knox’s blood to join the United Earth Force and fight a war on a far-off planet. Born on a military vessel in international waters, Cam is the son of life-long career soldier Colonel Elliot Knox. The younger Knox disobeyed his father’s objections to join the military and excelled with basic training to be assigned to the Bellerophon division. Perhaps it was fate, or maybe “the pulling of strings of a concerned parent,” that resulted in Cam being deployed to Colonel Knox’s battalion on Runera, where he quickly earned the respect of most, and envy of few, of his fellow comrade in arms.