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Armarauders is an international graphic novel and toy franchise collecting talented creators from across the globe. Originally conceived by former Transformers artist Don Figueroa, video game executive Valent Wang and writer Dan Taylor, Armarauders is a pulse-pounding space opera that features super powerful mecha warriors locked in an interstellar war with a mysterious and deadly adversary known as The Wasters.



ARMARAUDERS: SHADOW FRONT is an upcoming three-issue limited series written by Eisner-Award nominated creator Brandon M. Easton and drawn by the internationally acclaimed illustrator E.J. Su.

Shadow Front is a side-story that takes place during the events of THE LAST BATTALION. Featuring a new cast of characters as well as several new mecha designs, Shadow Front has been described as a "tactical espionage Black Ops" story emphasizing the political situation on Earth.

The events of Shadow Front will have major repercussions for the future of the Armarauders universe as secret pacts are revealed which lead to a change in the political alignment of humanity regarding alien allies.


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